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What is Garage door opener
Published on Nov 28,2019 09:23

Let us know who invented garage door opener.

Obviously, from the name, we can see, garage door opener is used to open the garage door.

This is surely true and right. Garage is popular all over the world, people park the car in garage, do repairs in garage, also, enjoy the happy time with kids in garage . Especially in Europe, almost every residence is with 1 or 2 garages.

This is a small, but necessary industry with a not long history.

In 1921, Mr C.G Johnson invented the first upward-lifting garage door. Surely, Mr Johnson is very smart, later in 1926, he invented the first electrical door opener.

About him, maybe you do not know, but you surely know the name of his company, yes, Overhead Garage Door.

Nowadays, garage is popular and common.

Garage Doors have a lot of different designs.

Garage Door Openers also have a lot of functions.

Garage doors mainly are in these styles:

Overhead sectional




Garage Door Openers mainly are with these power:





So, today, I hope from my article, you can know the history about garage doors, and the development of the garage door openers.

Next time, I would like to introduce you how to choose a right garage door opener for your garage, thanks!

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Published on Dec 30,2019 19:21

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