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Sliding Gate Opener AC/DC
Published on 3/10 09:57
Sliding Gate Opener
Sliding Gate Opener is a kind of traffic management equipment install in port entrance,airport entrance, parking entrance, railroad crossing and highway toll gate to control traffic flow between vehicles.

Reduction system by worm gear,worm,gearbox and merchanical power transfer to control access,in this way to control the door open or close and vehicles come in or go out,with this to guarantee safe traffic.
Sliding Gate Opener is widely use in parking,port,airport and higeway.

Based on investigation from market and our cooperaters all over the world, Force sliding gate opener is specially designed for small and middle size gate.
We always believe 500KG and 800KG power can cover almost all applications for home, company and shopping mall, parking center. Especially, Force sliding gate opner can support AC and DC.

Being working on performance, power, function and safety, we realize the most important point is a sliding door is ourdoor using.
So, from plastic cover, metal base and silicone sealing, we ensure every detail is absolutely waterproof, also, can stand for rain, wind and sun.

Gear motor and PCB are the brain of a sliding gate opener.
Force insists powerful and smart should go together.

Then, we believe, Force sliding gate opener, can guard your yard perfectly!

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