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Published on Apr 8,2020 16:01

a) Press and hold SET Button until ¡°1¡± appears on the display, next press the UP button until ¡°C¡± appears on the display to enter this function setting then release the button.


b) Press the SET button again. The unit is now in the pass door switch type adjustment mode. And then you will see a figure ¡°0¡± with flash dot appears on the display.


c) Press UP / Down button once to set the pass door switch type. You can choose ¡°0¡± or ¡°1¡± set.


Figure ¡°0¡± means, the pass door function is normally open.

Figure ¡°1¡± means, the pass door function is normally close.


e) Press SET button to confirm the set and it will back to standby status automatically and display ¡°ll¡±.


NOTE: The pass door switch is set on ¡°0¡± as standard in factory.

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