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Installation Guide Video - Force garage door opene
Published on Apr 6,2020 17:25

STEP1  Attach the opener head to the steel track. Assembly the 2 ¡°U¡± Hanging brackets with 6mm nuts supplied.

STEP2  Place the steel track and opener head assembly centrally on the garage floor, with the open head furthest away from the door. Lift the front of the track up to the door bracket. Insert the pivot pin and secure it with the split pin supplied.

STEP3  Lift and support the opener head (with a ladder) so it is positioned centrally and level. Fix the opener and track on ceiling by Iron bracket A & B. WARNING: Do not allow children around the door, opener or supporting ladder serious injury and/or damage may result from failure to follow this warning.

STEP4  Connect the straight arm to the bent arm with the bolt. Position and bolt the arms to the top edge of the door using the bolt supplied.

STEP5  Lift the garage door until the shuttle locks into the drive chain/belt. Now, ready to program the openers.


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